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Cavi-Art: The Art of Enjoying Caviar

At Royal Caviar Club, we believe caviar is best enjoyed with great works of art and champagne – the true meaning of having “great taste”. Our choice venue for this is Kavia Members Club in Hong Kong. The space is currently featuring the works of Konstantin Bessmertny, artist on the crossroads of east and west, past and present, classical and contemporary, street and high culture. Bessmertny is one of the most distinguished artists working in Asia today, his work exceptional intelligence and credibility. Kavia is not only featuring Bessmertny’s classic-contemporary east-west pieces, it’s also of course serving up Royal Caviar Club’s finest selections paired with the best glasses of bubbly. For booking & membership inquiries:Email: +852 5117 To shop...

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Beau Joie Champagne Launching

BEAU JOIE  CHAMPAGNE EXCLUSIVE NOW IN HONG KONG Beau joie finally launched in HK and break all boundaries of the luxury Champagne. Event was holding at most fashionable showroom "Editus" surrounded by vintage LV furniture, decorations and art pieces. Unforgettable night was accomplish with luxuries Caviar Tasting by Royal Caviar Club.    

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Kaviar Art Event with CEET

KAVIA ART EVENT WITH CEET French street artist Ceet has been painting the world a better place with his boundless imagination and now HE IS IN TOWN!  Ceet Fouad is a graffiti-loving artist. His "masterpiece" has been around the streets in his hometown, Toulouse. He is not only interested in the art of graffiti but also willing to try various artistic techniques. He is willing to try traditional and contemporary art as long as his emotions can be rendered. Royal Caviar Club was very honored to host such an amazing  art event. 

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Simpson Marine Launching Lagoon Catamarans

Simpson Marine Launching Lagoon Catamarans  11 May, 2017 Lagoon Catamarans, Simpson Marine, Bentley, Audi, Royal Caviat Club and Sarmet get together to celebrated the Asian Launch of the famous Lagoon flagship, the Seventy 7, at Aberdeen Boat Club’s Middle Island Club House, Hong Kong on Thursday 11 May 2017. Attending guests were transported to the party directly from Aberdeen Boat Club’s main clubhouse, and enjoyed the scenic Middle Island setting against a sunset-lit backdrop of three smaller Lagoon catamarans anchored around the majestic Seventy 7. The luxury lifestyle event was held by Royal Caviar Club. Guest enjoyed Premium Caviar and Champagne on the open terrace, all on display in a beautiful nautical environment.

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Rolls Royce and Royal Caviar Club

Bespoke Inspirations with Rolls Royce and Royal Caviar Club May 3, 2017   In recognition of the outstanding quality of our products – ROYAL CAVIAR CLUB PREMIUM CAVIAR – we have been invited be one of the official sponsors at an ROLLS ROYCE BESPOKE EVENT on March 2017 at the Rolls Royce Motor Cars Showroom , HK. The art of Bespoke reflects our lifestyle and embodies us as unique individual.The Bespoke designer from Rolls-Royce along with a John Lobb Master Bootmaker were illustrating and demonstrating the art of Bespoke and liberate ultimate imagination with Premium Caviar by Royal Caviar Club. This collaboration showcase excellence in modern design and luxury and we were very honored and proud to be a part...

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