Celebrate With RCC Caviar-Featured Menu From Two Michelin Star Restaurant Écriture

Royal Caviar Club is collaborating with Hong Kong exclusive, fine-dining restaurant Écriture! We've worked with chef ambassador Maxime Gilbert to develop dishes that showcase the quality and delicate flavors of caviar.

The selected Royal Caviar Club caviar will go beyond traditional pairings to demonstrate the versatility of flavors, working with unexpected and delightful ingredients not normally evoked with caviar.

From Prestige Hong Kong: 
"Everything tastes better with caviar, which is why the Écriture x Royal Caviar Club collaboration menu has been the talk of the town for weeks now. The five-course meal begins with the star of the show — an iconic pairing of creamy Hokkaido sea urchin with celeriac whipped cream on a buckwheat shell tart, topped with a ridiculously generous amount of Cristal caviar, a Royal Caviar Club hybrid blend of pickled roe of mature 8-year-old sturgeon. Écriture sets a pretty high bar with this dish when comes to over-the-top indulgence."