Officially launched back in 2020, Royal Caviar Club offers an innovative mooncake to gourmets & foodies from around the world. With the success from the past 3 years, Royal Caviar Club has launched yet another caviar mooncake to celebrate the 2023 Mid Autumn Festival. This year’s Royal Caviar Club caviar mooncake features a chocolate skin coating that is filled to the brim with a combination of luscious premium Imperial Ossetra caviar paired with 4 different flavours, French dark chocolate with black truffle, Italian strawberry, Madagascar vanilla or Hokkaido cheese cake. Caviar is a healthy major source of vitamins and minerals, famously providing the daily adult requirement of vitamin B12 within a single serving. Not only does caviar offer a myriad of health benefits for the heart and brain, Royal Caviar Club’s caviar mooncakes offer a much lower sugar, fat, and calorie content than traditional mooncakes. Added with Chef Gael’s delicate craftsmanship, the caviar mooncakes are beautifully balanced, sure to appeal to the city’s most discerning palates.

Each limited-edition luxury gift box is priced at HK$580 and contains 4 different flavors. For corporate or bulk orders, please contact us for special pricing details.

皇籽滙在2020年正式推出全球首創魚子醬月餅,為來自世界各地的美食家提供創新月餅。憑藉過去兩年的成功,皇籽滙將推出全新魚子醬月餅來慶祝2023年的中秋 。今年更聯同擁有逾25年豐富資歷的法籍甜點主廚Gael Majchrzak合作,共推出4款全新口味魚子醬月餅,包括:香草、朱古力松露、士多啤梨及北海道芝士蛋糕口味。以口感滑韌的朱古力皮包覆矜奢的鱘魚子醬,內餡口感綿密,魚子醬顆粒於口腔中迸發層次鮮美,瞬間遍及味蕾,讓人一試難忘。用料講究,只採用北海道新鮮奶油、意大利時令草莓和黑松露、日本低熱量糖、馬達加斯加香草豆和皇籽滙的優質魚子醬等最佳食材製成。





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