Caviar Buyers' Guide

So, you are stepping out to buying caviar. You want to buy unique and quality caviar. However, you do not know the things that can make your first attempt fruitful. If you love caviar, you would certainly like to spend on the best stellar roe to impress your guests. In this article, we are going to help you to find the best caviar. You will be aware of all those things to make a smart buying decision even if you are trying for the first time. Consider going through the following caviar guide to know about the origin country, price, and storage and garnishing requirements. We will start with the price.


When it comes to the price, we will suggest you start from low to high. You can expect better options with a flexible budget. Expensive caviar types are available in saltier and brinier flavor. These are oceanic and fresh. You will love the shiny beads that would have wonderful pops. You can even find very expensive options. But these are mushy in texture and fishy and might not be unpalatable for many.

Expensive caviar types are available in saltier and brinier flavor

If you are not prepared to spend more, you can consider middle-priced options. These are easily available and reasonably priced. In brief, you can start with Paddlefish roe or Hackleback roe. They come with a subtle salty flavor. If you want a better quality, you can consider Imperial Ossetra, Ossetra, or Kaluga Hybrid. For the middle range, Siberian Sturgeon or White Sturgeon will be the right choice. They can expect excellent flavor without spending much.

 Origin Country: Farmed or Wild

You might want to know more about the origin country to know the specific type of caviar. For example, the Russian caviar is largely overfished. Currently, most caviar types are farmed at aquaculture centers. It is considered a better option for sustainability. To your surprise, the high-quality caviar types come from China. The China NOIR caviar is farmed in a remote lake, Pristine. Also, you can expect exceptional quality caviar in NYC and some other parts in Europe. 

In addition to the region, you will have to consider the brand while buying caviar. Always consider an experienced and reliable brand to buy quality and genuine caviar.

Caviar: Buying & Storage Requirements

Some find it hard to decide when they should order caviar. Caviar can be stored and you can order them before two weeks of the party to avoid last-minute confusion. You can preserve caviar for four to six weeks without opening. Once you are ready to use caviar, you can open and use it. Whether it is closed or opened, you should always store caviar in your refrigerator's coldest part. But avoid storing in your freezer. In the freezer, the egg will start to degrade and will become mushy.

 Caviar can be preserved for four to six weeks without opening

Every type of caviar comes with a different shelf life. For example, the white sturgeon will last for ten days after opening. However, Paddlefish can be used for thirty days. However, it is suggested to eat within one week to get the best flavor.

How Many Grams Do You Need to Buy? 

If you are using an appetizer, you can buy thirty grams for a single serving, 120 grams for four people and 360 grams for twelve people. While buying for Amuse bouche, you can consider five grams for a single serving, twenty grams for four people and sixty grams for twelve people.

How to Serve Your Favorite Caviar

Open the caviar just one night before the event. If it is a hot day and you are planning to keep the caviar in the room temperature, then take a glass chiller and fill the bottom with ice. In a favorable temperature condition, you can use any dish or bowel.

one of the serving ways of caviar is with the wine